Celebrating 30 years of EuroPride this June

On 27 June 1992, one hundred thousand people from across Europe marched on London in the first ever EuroPride. The organisers of that event could not have known the powerful and enduring event that they were creating, but throughout June EPOA will celebrate the history and achievements of EuroPride in the 30 years since.

Each day in June we will focus our social media on a different EuroPride, starting chronologically with London in 1992 working through to Belgrade who host EuroPride in September this year. We will share videos, images and testimonials from EuroPrides through the years.

We’ve begun the month with an article on the early history of EuroPride and how it has developed over the years.

The March for Peace in Warsaw, Poland will bring together Pride organisers to march in support of Ukraine in the first former communist country to host EuroPride (Warsaw, 2010).

On 26 June, the eve of the anniversary, we will join the organisers of EuroPride 1992 for a picnic in Brockwell Park, where the original EuroPride concert took place.

On the anniversary, 27 June, Mayor of London the Rt Hon Sadiq Khan will host his annual Pride Reception to mark not only the 50th anniversary of Pride in London, but also the 30th anniversary of EuroPride.

On Saturday 2 July, our President will march at Pride in London to mark the 30th anniversary, together with EPOA member Pride organisations.

Member organisations including Madrid Pride are also celebrating the EuroPride anniversary at events during June.

Host cities of EuroPride

1992 London 1993 Berlin 1994 Amsterdam 1996 Copenhagen 1997 Paris 1998 Stockholm 2000 Rome (WorldPride) 2001 Vienna 2002 Cologne 2003 Manchester 2004 Hamburg 2005 Oslo 2006 London 2007 Madrid 2008 Stockholm 2009 Zurich 2010 Warsaw 2011 Rome 2012 London (WorldPride) 2013 Marseille 2014 Oslo 2015 Riga 2016 Amsterdam 2017 Madrid (WorldPride) 2018 Stockholm & Gothenburg 2019 Vienna 2020 Global Pride 2021 Copenhagen (WorldPride) 2022 Belgrade 2023 Malta 2024 Thessaloniki 2025 Lisbon 2026 Amsterdam (WorldPride)