EuroPride 2022

EuroPride is a pan-European international LGBTI event featuring a Pride parade, hosted by a different European city each year

EuroPride 2022

Five bids were notified to our Board by the deadline of 31 March 2019, four of which went forward to a vote at our Annual General Meeting in September.

The bidding organisations were Barcelona Pride, Belgrade Pride, Dublin Pride, and a combined bid from three members, ILGA Portugal, Rede ex Aequo and Variações. Links to their websites, and to download the bids, are below.

A bid from Winter Pride Maspalomas was withdrawn at the request of the bidding organisation, who said: “We feel obliged to withdraw as a candidate for EuroPride 2022 as we can no longer guarantee the execution of the plans as stipulated in the presented bid book. Unexpected circumstances occurred with the change of the political administrations. Although we tried to resolve the matter with the new administration there was unfortunately not enough time to fix it before the Annual General Meeting in Bilbao next month. The new administration does support the initiative but is confronted with unresolved issues and prefers to postpone the candidature to a moment with more guarantees. We apologise for the inconvenience to EPOA and its members and wish all other candidates all the best.”

All bids were presented at our Annual General Meeting in Bilbao in September, and members had the opportunity to ask questions of the bidding organisations, before voting took place. Results of the vote were as follows.

  • 1st: Belgrade Pride
  • 2nd: ILGA Portugal, rede ex aequo & Variações
  • 3rd: Dublin Pride
  • 4th: Pride Barcelona

For more information on the application process, please click here.