Our rainbow flag

In 1994, for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, Gilbert Baker created a mile-long rainbow flag that was paraded through the streets of New York City

Afterwards, it was split into several pieces, one of which belongs to our Association.

It’s an eight-stripe rainbow flag, including pink and indigo. It is 30m long and 4m wide. In the photo and film above it’s shown outside the Russian Embassy in London, during a protest against the persecution of LGBTI people in Chechnya in January 2019.

There is no charge to members for loan of the flag, but they are required to pay for transport, likely to be from London (where it is usually held in storage), and for it to be returned to London. On occasion we may allow it to be transported from one member to another, for example when it is required on consecutive weekends. It must be insured for €10,000 during transportation. 

Non-members may hire the flag for a fee, plus transportation and insurance. The fee will depend on the type of organisation and the length of hire. Members will always have priority.

Please email media@europride.info for information or to enquire about availability.

Film: Harvey Day
Photo: John Banyard for Pride in London