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The Association is managed by a team of eight Directors, elected by the Annual General Meeting. Every AGM elects four Directors for a period of two years, and no Director can stand for more than four terms, or eight years in total. The current Directors are profiled below.

The Board’s most recent Annual Report can be found here and their work plan for 2019 is here.

You can find out more about how our Board works, and how to stand for election, here.

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Kristine Garina (President)

Kristine represents Association of LGBT and their friends MOZAIKA, the only LGBT organisation in Latvia. MOZAIKA is an advocacy organisation, Pride organiser, LGBT community building and strengthening force.

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Uwe Hörner (Treasurer)

Uwe represents CSD Rhein-Neckar / Pride in Mannheim in Germany where he has been a board member since 2008. His responsibilities there are as treasurer and the national and international networks.

Uwe is also on the board of CSD Deutschland (our associate member), the German national pride organisers platform and InterPride regional director for region 12 – the German speaking countries. Uwe has been working in the finance sector for over 30 years. He joined the board in 2018.


Lilly Dragoeva (Secretary)

Lilly has 15 years of experience in non-formal education as a volunteer, a youth worker and a trainer in several non-governmental organisations in Bulgaria. She is a social researcher and analyst and her research focus includes migration, integration, education, citizenship, gender studies and LGBTI rights.

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Stein Runar Østigaard (EuroPride)

Stein has been working with Pride since 2006, when he was the Parade Manager in Oslo. In the period of 2007-2011 he became the chair of Oslo Pride.

At the start of 2013 Stein became once more a member of the board, and was elected chair from September 2013 to September 2014. In this period he was responsible for the planning and running the EuroPride 2014 in Oslo. Stein’s professional background is as a registered nurse and PR. He’s been working with communication within the health sector for many years, and now works in the Norwegian Medical Association.

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Fenia Kirkmali (Human Rights)

Fenia has been a volunteer with Thessaloniki Pride since 2016 and she joined the organisation’s secretariat in February 2017. In the last few years’ Pride festivals she was co-ordinator of the volunteers teams.

She is also a member of Thessaloniki EuroPride 2020 organising team. She works in the customer service department of Cosmote, the largest telecommunications provider in the Greek market, and additionally she teaches Spanish.

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Juan Carlos Alonso Reguero (Conference)

Juan Carlos represents Orgullo Madrid. Experienced for years in dealing with the “June 28th Commission”, he is a prominent member of the LGBT professional and business world in the Comunidad de Madrid (both main region and capital of Spain). He was one of the founding members of AEGAL in 2004.

He has served as general secretary in the Association since then. As in 2005 the organisation of the Madrid Gay Pride was restructured, becoming “MADO” from the on, Juan Carlos becomes the General Coordinator of the whole event.

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Steve Taylor (Communications)

Steve is Director of Communications & Marketing for Copenhagen 2021. From 2013-2020 he was a member of the Pride in London team in various roles including communications, operations and community engagement. He is co-founder and was Co-Chair of the UK Pride Organisers Network, founded in October 2016 to bring together Pride organisers in the UK. He is a patron of Isle of Wight Pride.

He has a background in campaigning, including in human rights, and was shortlisted for the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ British LGBT Award in 2018. He was elected the board in 2016 and re-elected in 2018 and 2020.

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Katharina Kacerovsky (Membership & Outreach)

Katharina is from HOSI-Wien, the organiser of Vienna Pride and EuroPride Vienna in 2019. She was elected to the board in September 2019. Biography to follow.

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