March for Peace in Warsaw on 25 June

Join us and show your solidarity with Ukraine

Kyiv Pride and Warsaw Pride will march for peace and freedom of Ukraine and against Russian aggression in Ukraine. 

Our members Kyiv Pride and Warsaw Pride have announced a joint ‘March for Peace’ to take place in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday 25 June, uniting the LGBTI+ community against Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine.

In a joint statement the organisations said: “Due to Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine the tenth anniversary of the Equality March in Kyiv can’t take place in the usual format in the Ukrainian capital. LGBTI+ Ukrainians will unite with the Warsaw community this year. Together we stand up for freedom and human rights, and against the war. We will stand for peace, for the victory of Ukraine, and for the freedom of the Ukrainian land and people.”

Lenny Emson, Director of Kyiv Pride, said: “Russia is taking away our homes, our families, our friends, and our loved ones, but it will never take away our freedom, our visibility, and our right to vote. On June 25 we are not celebrating. We want to appeal to the whole world: help Ukraine win! Help Ukrainian people live freely on their land!”

Organisers expect about 80,000 participants and call on the community, LGBTI+ organisations, and people around the world to join the march in Warsaw and stand with them against aggression, for freedom and peace.

Julia Maciocha, President of Warsaw Pride, said: “For us in Warsaw Pride, community means standing up for others. Community means making space for voices that are not heard enough. Community means marching side by side for safety and freedom of those who had it taken away. We are proud to join KyivPride in their march for the victory of Ukraine!”

The European Pride Organisers Association will participate in the March for Peace and encourage Prides from across Europe to be present in Warsaw on 25 June. The Association’s President, Kristine Garina, said: “From the very start of Russia’s aggression, Europe’s Pride community has stood in solidarity with LGBTI+ people in Ukraine and I am really pleased to see Warsaw Pride offering the hand of friendship to our colleagues in Ukraine. I look forward to marching for peace next month.”

Prides across Europe are expected to show support for Ukraine at events across the summer, including at EuroPride in Belgrade which takes place from 12-18 September.

Members of EPOA attending the March for Peace can register here for our private reception taking place after the March.

Order your flag

Show your support by ordering the ‘Prides #StandWithUkraine’ flag to fly at Pride this summer!

Image: Warsaw Pride 2019

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